Saturday, August 06, 2011

Matters of the Heart

When school got out I was noticing what Isabelle had previously been able to do was now a struggle. For example, comfortably walking through the grocery store or what I call the Target test. Early in June she was asking to ride in the cart. Two weeks ago when walking from the pool to the car I turned around to check where she was and she was doubled over, struggling for breath. Ethan and I managed to get her to the car and she immediately asked for her oxygen. Bad sign, but definitely a sign of a heart issue rather than Lupus. She never asks for oxygen during the day.
So on Tuesday tests were repeated at Children's confirming her oxygen stats had plummeted. So three or four things are happening and we would love your prayers:
1. The Cardiologist (Dr. Yung) doubled her existing medication. Pray that she will not have any side effects and this will bring her back to activity!
2. We are headed to Children's again on Monday to do a CT scan of her lungs. Dr. wants to rule out Lupus attacking her lungs. My instincts tell me it is NOT this! Please Lord, not this.
3. She will also be expected to do a pulmonary function test, difficult for her to understand directions so pray she will be able to do what she needs to do.
4. Monday night we check into the Children's sleep center in Bellevue to see what is going on during the night. We might need to increase the oxygen levels at night. Praying we don't have to go to the whole C-pap contraption at night.

Thank you for praying! Isabelle is a tough cookie and nearly always has a positive attitude. She is a shining example for all of us at this house. Despite her physical circumstances she remains upbeat and spunky.


TruthStands said...


I am praying for Isabella and your whole family!

May you know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, and have a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Grace and Peace,

Shawn said...

I will be praying as often as I can for her. Sweet girl, I hope you get some solid answers this week and pounds of hope!

Keston's cardiologist is also Delphne Yung, we don't go very often, but really like her.

Hugs for all of you!

Tami said...

Not sure if this will help but, I once needed the C pap machine till I discovered a mouth guard that gently pulls my lower jaw forward. I no longer snore. Previously, my brain was always looking to secure oxygen, and therefore never reaching REM leaving me exhausted. I too did all these stress and sleep test. Wish I had known about the guard earlier. The Dr. in town that helped me is Dr. Horvorka. I'm a friend of your BF CG, if I can help any more.