Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And they are off!

September 7th, 2011 First Day of School
And so it is time, back to school 2011! I thought I was so happy about it but the first day I was ready to pick them up by noon! 
 My Middle Schoolers! I can't believe how big they are... Izzy 8th grade and EE 6th grade. CRAZY.
 The ONLY reason I took this shot was because we were dropping off Isabelle first and clearly, none of his friends were around!
 Jack, 4th Grade with Ms. Britt
 Ethan, 6th grade, first year of middle school!

 Isabelle, 8th Grade
and thanks to the meds, and Jesus, she is feeling so much better. I think she will get around school just fine! 

Have a great year kiddos, I will sure miss you! 
Until I get used to the quiet then it is party time for mom... :)

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