Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Eve...

I have a lot of thoughts going through my mind of thankfulness and joy, who better to share with than all of you faithful bloggers. I have spent most of the day in refection on what God has done for me. Every holiday has been painful and empty since the summer of 2004. Today I did not think about the pain one time. God has taken the hole in my heart and filled it with Him a little more each day since the news broke it. I was shattered into a million pieces and God is slowly picking them up and restoring me. And restoring me so all the pieces are in the right order! Not only is that unimaginable but I look around at the blessings He has given me. A great relationship with Him, full of love and comfort. Three beautiful people left in my care that bring me endless joy; and frustration to keep me always relying on Christ and learning more about myself. An amazing group of people that surround me everyday. You, my friends are absolutely irreplaceable. I know I will have more days ahead with the sting of betrayal dragging me down and my heart full of sorrow but today I am in full realization that not only am I healing and feeling alive again but God has a plan for us that is going to surpass all of my earthly dreams. He died on the cross, He is risen, and he did it all for us! Happy Easter.

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Heather M. said...


You cease to amaze me! I guess what amazes me more is just how AWESOME God really is! I admire your words and feelings that you clearly wrote about in this entry. All I can say is keep relying on HIM and your family and friends.

I love you dear friend,

Heather M.