Sunday, April 02, 2006

She's a little trooper

I am continually surprised by Bellie's strength and courage. She made it though her ordeal on Friday morning with flying colors. Friday after she was released to come home was hard and the night was long and painful but by 2:00 Saturday afternoon she wanted to go see Ice Age! So we went- She is such a little trooper and truly an inspiration to everyone she meets. I am so proud of her and her ability to bounce back from all the unfortunate circumstances that come her way. Thank you so much for praying!


Lori said...

Way to go Bellie!!! We all know that you are a strong and courageous little girl and this just proves it. Thanks for letting your mommy come and see me and Connor today. We can't wait for you and your brothers to meet Connor too. Have a great week at school!!
We love you guys,
Lori (Randy & Connor too!!)

shawn said...

Perhaps she gets it from her mother... also a little trooper.
Good job girls!

heather said...

My sentiments exactly! Good for your Isabelle! You have always been strong (okay, strong willed too).

Give your Mom and brothers a big hug from our family. And, what great pictures at the tulip fields. What a beautiful family!

Take care!

Love, Heather & Company