Sunday, May 07, 2006

Friday Night...

It is the northwest way that after two days of pretty solid rain that we had this outing on Friday night. Perhaps due to the fact Ethan heard on the radio that opening day of boating season was Friday, he had a great idea to take out the "boat". "Sure why not?" I thought even though the clouds were rolling in and the temperature was dropping. We had a great time despite enough was enough came on all too quickly. All three cried running to the car and we had to blast the heat the whole way home. Good times- I would like to give Ethan credit and praise where it is definitely due! His heart and loyalty for Isabelle is such a source of joy to me. He continuously looks out for her, includes her, and makes sure she is okay. As far as brothers go Isabelle won the prize.

This would be our number one spot to live, on this little speck island-

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shawn said...

Amy, I love your photos. I've said it before, but you are an amazing mother. Happy Mother's Day!