Thursday, February 21, 2008

For the love of Valentine's Day...

 In all the insanity around here I forgot to post My Little Valentine's. Okay this cookie making, valentine constructing, paper punching rush was all hearts and flowers when I started this tradition. Back then I had a kindergardener and maybe a preschooler, and maybe a few neighbor kids. Now however this is a huge production! :) Three classrooms at 23 kids each plus Isabelle's entourage. That makes 90 plus frosted cookies plus the 10 or so Joe ate!! The only lesson learned is to start earlier so I don't have to push it on the eve of the 13th. I think Joe thought I was a little coo-coo, insane cookie making fool! The other thing I have to mention is Webkinz! Christine's kids have had them for a long time and I always thought 'yeah, yeah just another computer game'. But I was mistaken. I love the idea of them adopting a pet and then caring for it on line.  I love the website design and how it keeps them safely in Webkinz World an not bouncing around all over the internet. I think adopting a pet helps them learn about money etc.. So Caleb and Emily you were right! Plus it gives me a lot more free time with them caring for their 'pets'! I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day! I got a homemade dinner and a dozen roses....mmmmm. 

Opening their new Webkinz! 

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shawn said...

Hey Amy, at Treasury, each Wednesday (until I don't know when), if you spend $10, you get a free Webkinz. So, um, duh.