Wednesday, February 06, 2008

'This is the Best Day of My Life!!!'

Isn't that the best news for a parent to hear!! It melts me into a puddle!  We did have a great day. Ethan got to spend Friday night and all day Saturday with Caleb and Emily, freeing up the four of us for an all day outing. First we went out to lunch then headed out Chukanut to hike down to Clayton beach. What an adventure, Joe, Jack and myself were able to hike and explore all around the place. Our little Bellie was a trooper! She is not all that into hiking, the long distance endurance it takes to hike down and (then to her surprise) all the way back up is difficult for her! She was exhuasted! After the hike we had promised to fly the kite so despite the dropping tempratures and wet pants we landed at Zuanach Park to fly Jack's kite. Ending up home to get Isabelle and Jack's jammies on, then to Starbucks and the Gish's for dinner. And as we waited in the car for my hazelnut latte, Jack looked straight into my eyes and said: "Mom, this is the best day of my life!"    Click here.

I love the new foot-steps that Jack has to follow...

No hike complete without a little fungus! 

What a fun rope swing Jack found, he was brave too! 

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