Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home... Mmmmmmm

Mmmm to be home and not rushing the kids off to school and then me to work. To be able to get up at my leisure, make my own coffee, eat breakfast at my at my own table is feeling like heaven. The kids are on their way home from a trip to Oregon with Sean and I am having one day to do what I want to do... Can you imagine that!? I was going through a stack of old disks and was excited to find these to share with Joe. In my life it is usually a lot easier to look forward than back but I really enjoyed looking at these pictures and remembering the 'good times' Everything with the kids was good. Have you ever experienced missing someone who you used to live with? I remember the kids at each of these stages and I miss them. I keep thinking where did they go?  I love that they are growing into such sweet, mature kids but I sure miss these little bodies. Hhhhmmm, maybe Joe wants a baby, I'll go ask him!!! :) 
Thanks for reminiscing with me! 

Jack on the porch of our old house....
This is the first picture I had taken of all three, before my photography days, I love it.

Jack at Mount Baker, is he not the cutest! ?

Ethan in his first Halloween costume, in Elizabeth park. 

My little sweetheart, pre-puberty! I miss that little girl, she is growing so fast! 

These two pre -Jackers, I loved this time! This one taken at Boulevard Park is one of my all time favorites... Love the binkies! 

 Remember Ethan at the bike park?? Well the crazy look in his eyes never changed!! :) 

The first day of kindergarten, I wish I could rewind to that day, just for a couple of hours! 

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Heather M. said...

Oh, how adorable! I remember those days of Isabelle, Ethan and Jack being SOOOO small. Thank you for sharing them again!

Watch out Joe--I think Amy is in the mood! Hey Amy, maybe you need a trip down to Lori's house for some baby snuggling time?!

Miss you,