Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Four Things we learned...

1. When it comes to fishing, EE is seriously competitive. To the point of tears. He wanted to catch a trout so bad but despite his efforts all he caught was perch. 

2. We are so thankful for such great friends to fish with. With friends, everything is more fun. 

3. Free doughnuts at the fishing derby is a good thing. And yucky coffee. 

4. It's always the little brothers who are not as passionate about fishing that catch big fish without a lot of patience or effort! 

Ethan spends hours and hours on this lake, he usually has it all to himself. So he needed a few reminders that he does not own the waters nor the fish in them. The people behind him were a huge source of frustration. Especially little girls in dresses landing big fish. :) 

Nolan, our good buddy. I don't think he got to catch a fish at all. He handled the whole deal much better than EE! :) 

This is a sight I will never take for granted... My husband there at the event helping them. I am so thankful. Five fishing derby's with 'just me' was enough! 
I will end on this note: When the man cleaning the fish at the weigh in center asked Jack if he could clean his fish, he replied "No, I'm going to make it into a key chain." 


Buhler family said...

Yeah! The fishing derby is certainly more fun with friends (and free donuts). Will be there next year, despite the "fishless" rod frustrations and cloudy skies.

Anonymous said...

Amy, Thank you so much for sharing your kids and their events... I either want to laugh or cry when I read these post and see the pictures! I Love it! Sonja