Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheaper than a movie

Joe and I both must have spring fever. We long to get out of Bellingham and see something new. So last (no kids) weekend we decided to go to Seattle for the day. Act like tourists (well Joe actually is one). We had no destination in mind when we left Bellingham. I decided it would be fun to show Joe the Piers on the Seattle waterfront. Over the loud speaker we hear "Evening Cruises half price!" So for 21.50 total we got to take our waterfront tour by boat!  So fun, it was even narrated so we learned a lot too. Add that to a visit to the space needle and there you have it, the tourist version of the Emerald City.
Did you know how many restaurants Lynnwood has??? We would of stayed 'cheaper than a movie' if we would not of stopped to have a delicious din din at Claim Jumper on the way home. Good thing I had a big wad of tips! 

  Here is my cute husband taking pictures with his cell phone... ummm, okay. 

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