Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day!

When I was little my favorite day of the year was May Day, my mom always made it special. We would make beautiful little treats to hang on the neighbors door, ring the bell and run! It seems those days have gone by, at least no one rings my door bell.  So I wish I had some of these tulips for each of you. I would tie them with a ribbon and leave them on your doorstep if I could.  Happy May Day! 

Above: Vain mommy says "I want to see your eyes Bellie

Below: Sign Language for 'Give me my damn glasses!!!!'

I don't know if I will get anymore years of this 'man-boy' posing in the tulips? I was just thankful to get one more! "you know mom, tulips are kinda for girls" Ethan Fields

This one is for nostalgia's sake, many, many moons ago. I think she was three.

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