Friday, May 29, 2009

Life in Paradise

Eight days in Paradise. We had the trip of a lifetime. We got to see so may things and experience some amazing adventures. "Island time" does exist, no hurry, no worries. We snorkeled, we swam under waterfalls, we hiked, we swam in the waves, I attempted to boogie board. We ate in restaurants where you could reach out and pour your drink in the Ocean. We drank Mai Tai's.  If we didn't miss the kids so much I can almost assure you we would throw caution to the wind and find employment where you can be barefoot all day long. We still might. Jack and Ethan would be perfect little surfer dudes and Isabelle and I could sell sunglasses near the beach.  The wedding I went to photograph was beautiful. With the cute couple and stunning surroundings it was hard to take a bad photo.   Fabulous time. To see more pics click here

Snorkeling was the high light. To swim with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (Honu) was unbelievable. 

The warm sun was the best, perfect weather: between 80-95 degrees. The warm wind was wonderful. 

This is one of the coves we snorkeled in, it was the bluest I have ever seen. 

This needs no explanation: Bad, bad, BAD. Somebody... liked snorkeling a little too much. It was the "brown skinned" one to get burned? Go figure?! 

The one thing I do know is there will be a jar marked 'vacation fund' on the kitchen counter real soon. I would rather have this than a latte or pizza any day! 

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Milliren 5 said...

Hi Amy and Joe,

Great pics! I have been checking everyday waiting for them. I am so glad that you could enjoy a second honeymoon. And, so soon after your one year anniversary. How romantic!

Mahalo and Aloha,