Thursday, April 05, 2007

Izzy's Magic Shoes...

Forrest Gump ain't got nothing on us! We added to Isabelle's stylin pink ensemble this morning with her new braces. Again she took it in stride being more excited about the new pink shoes than the hassle of me having to pry her little feet into these things every morning. She actually took to them quite well, the tone in her feet and ankles is so weak that the extra support has to feel good. The hard plastic boot is strapped super tight around her foot with Velcro straps, the feeling of that if on my feet would make me crazy! After building up to wearing them all day we should start to see some benefits! More endurance and increased likelihood to enjoy hiking with me and the boys. Now she gets so tired she simply sits down on the trail and refuses to keep going. So add the Forrest Gump braces up there with her pink hearing aids, and pink glasses, it takes work to be such a trend setter!

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