Friday, April 13, 2007

A little fishin' a lot of Tulips and a Starfish...

And that will about wrap up Spring Break, aka as, "Mom, entertain us every minute!" week. We shopped for lures, we shopped for flies, and Ethan organized his tackle box with all his new gear. We asked around for fishing tips, and it is a good thing men around the fishing aisles are eager to share their genius! Bellie watched movies and painted her nails. We sat on the banks of our new fishing holes and played, quietly because Ethan is all business. "You'll scare the fish, be quiet!" Jeezsh, who knew I was going to have such an avid outdoors men!? E could literally sit there for hours totally satisfied with the feeling of fishing, the water, the casting, the whole atmosphere. No, we didn't catch anything...yet! Jack is too loud and busy to sit still quietly, even committing the ultimate fishing no-no, throwing rocks into the water. This just about sets Ethan over the edge. The boys made a fire pit in their boys only fort in the woods, very creative and clever. I have never ran so fast to hide the "fire stick", it is safely tucked away. Ethan was quick to ask "what kind of rocks make sparks" Great, good thing I don't carry about flint! I have spent many extra hours refereeing the screaming, kicking, punching, ax chasing (not kidding on that one) squabbles. I think to summer coming up quickly and find haven when I remember oh yeah, we will have our pool time back. Thank goodness. So here is to Spring Break. Despite the fighting and the constant need for entertainment I have to admit I am the luckiest mom on the planet to hang out with these three rug rats. To see more of "entertain us every minute week" adventures click right HERE...

Every year the tulips are the same but the kids in front of them keep growing and growing!
Skagit Valley at it's finest!

This is my Spring Break treat, isn't it cute?! Ethan asked "why does our whole life have to be rainbows?!"

Okay if you must send Ethan and Jack some MALE to their HOWS, please...feel free.

But please no teens because they have WEPINS!

Yikes hide the matches!

So please send MALE but no TENS and no matches to the ultimate club HOWS!

Check out my consequences if I don't take him! Perhaps a please would be nice?!

Jackers is always fascinated with the sea life!

Born to fish...seriously it is all consuming for EE. Hope we catch one soon!

We hope you too had a wonderful Spring Break!
A, E, I, and J

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Shelby said...

Brilliant. You're a good mom with a cute purse.