Monday, April 09, 2007

I Need God...

Is fake it till you make it still a familiar concept? I need God so much to live my life. I can't imagine living one day without him. I am so thankful for Christ and his sacrifice on the cross. Holidays stir up the past and stir up pain. Saturday was spent with the kids, making Easter special then because 2007 is odd- Easter Sunday was spent with their dad, leaving me alone. I have the most amazing, truly amazing, supportive friends. However there are some aches and some pains that can not be comforted by anyone. Only can I take it to God and let him work on my heart. I wish there was another way to put this, but I hate it. I hate divorce, I hate the fact my children have to be shuffled back and forth. I hate everything about this situation. So I do need God, every minute to send his loving comfort and the knowledge it is going to be okay. That He has a plan for me and for the kids. So it is a Happy Easter, how could it not be with Christ alive and living in us!

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