Saturday, July 07, 2007


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We had the most fun this forth of July! We spent the day in Blaine at the parade, I have not seen this much down home fun since Nebraska! Speaking of NE check out the tractor entourage, apparently pretty amusing to me! This little hometown parade made the ski to sea ones seem boring! Our fun continued at the Sudden Valley Marina HooRaw... unsupervised, scary, a bit like the middle of Baghdad but exciting all the same. You know you are too close to the show if your deaf daughter reaches up and turns off her own hearing aids! You can see the photo set by clicking here.

We hope you had a Fun Forth! Stay tuned, you won't believe what tomorrow is!!!

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nicole from MOPS :o) said...

Hey Amy! I have not checked your blog in forever! Can you believe it's JULY already! Tell Jack Hi for me! :o) HEY, CONGRATS ON JOE!!!!! WOW! God is so great! Keep us all updated! Love ya!