Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunshine....Where Art Thou??

As we sat down tonight to plan our schedule for the week ahead Ethan asked if he could draw on my calendar. "Something special for the 4th of July" I LOVE the fact he is 100% on board with Joe! It is such an answer to prayer that Ethan especially is embracing him without holding back! Unfortunately we will not be with our man on the 4th but if we were we would no doubt be under water, watching the fireworks holding hands!
The lack of sunshine is really cramping our summer activities. We want our pool time!!!! We are forced to find other entertainment, like setting up a toy store (feel free to stop by and shop anytime) and making bunny crafts out of rocks and dandelion leaves...clever boy. We hope to feel the sun on our faces and for the temp to climb over 65 soon. When it does we will leave all this behind and reside where we like it best, poolside! Sunshine please come.

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