Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Conclusions from 1,918 Miles in 28 Hours, 52 Minutes...

During our travels over this past week to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, during the time spent with my family and the miles back I have come to the following conclusions:

1. This is the third annual 'meet my parents half way' vacation and on the previous two treks I had to prove to myself that I could do it without a stinkin man! I proved that I can. Conclusion, I am not doing this again without our man and I feel blessed to have found such an amazing one in Joe.

2. Ethan is a great little traveling companion when he is not instigating fights in the back seat.
3. My dad is a great grandpa and that he and EE are cut from the same cloth.

4. My children being true north westerners melt in the heat.

5. Jackers will do anything to make people laugh...including make faces from his food!
6. Wyoming is beautiful and this resort full of little cabins was great!
7. You can't keep brothers out of trees.
8. There are endless places to explore and not enough time to do it.

9. Jackson Hole is a cool little place complete with archways made from Elk antlers and the world famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, too bad I didn't have time to go in... :)
10. Jackers knows how to make a Wyoming centerpiece.

11. My parents are amazing people. We celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary during our trip. I admire their marriage and am thrilled to see them so happy! God had definitely blessed their marriage and that makes me so full of joy!
12. Grandpa is a great teacher
13. The landscape in Grand Teton National Park is truly breathtaking! You can't tell when the mountains end and the water begins.
14. Even these two boys need a break once in a while.
15. Bellie finds her true happy place in a pool of water.
16. If you are a true fisherman to your core even the smallest ones excite you.
17. My dad makes a delicious breakfast.
18. Boys can pee anywhere, in 1918 miles I am thankful for that!
19. A huge heap of antlers are completely fascinating to little boys.
20. This little girl loves the outdoors despite the fit she throws to leave her movie behind and you can't get her out of her pajamas to do it!

21. My dad, my son and myself love white river rafting!
22. Despite the Snake Rivers calm appearance The Big Kahuna got everyone on the boat soaked!

So my final conclusion is that I am incredibly blessed to have had this great experience! If you have 28 hours and 52 minutes and a willingness to endure countless fights from the back seat I highly recommend the drive!
The complete set can be seen here on my flickr site.

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