Thursday, November 01, 2007

HaPpY HaLloWeEn!!!

Okay... who cries on Halloween.... Apparently me! When Jack put on his football uniform huge tears welled up in my eyes. I got a vivid glimpse of him at sixteen. EE went camo and in typical fashion Bellie was a pink princess! Fairhaven trick -o- treating proved to be quite the candy haul. Because Halloween fell on a Wednesday the kids were off to their dads for dinner at 5:00 so Joe and I had a great dinner date at Osaka. Happy Halloween!
Jack and his best friend form Kindergarten.... Lizzy. Jack asked her at school if she could be 'his cheerleader' Aahhhh so cute!
The kids with Jack's friend Maddie!

This dog was in the doorway at Wimsey, pretty stylish!

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