Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Winter Fishing...

Well Joe proved me to be a big lair in Ethan's eyes when he broke the news that fish are hungry all year???!!! "What????" I say. I had him completely convinced that fish only bite the the spring and summer months. That tactic, shall we say, kept me off the hook for standing out the the cold to take the kid fishing. But now the cat is out of the bag when Joe clearly announced that 'duhh... fish are hungry all year!" Great I thought but then I just sat back and said that is your gig not mine and a huge smile came across my face as I realized my life has just got a lot easier with a partner so well suited to the four of us and our needs! So with Joy and snacks Joe took us all out for some WINTER FISHING. Ummmm come to think of it we did not catch a single fish so maybe I was right after-all.... fish don't bite in the winter! I'm sure they will prove me wrong.

This little girl... she is something else!

Cheetoes..anyone? She's into fishing, if not just for the snacks!

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