Sunday, June 08, 2008

Amy in Real Life...

So friends I have missed you. I am going to be starting a new blog series called 'Amy in Real Life'...  Despite my efforts to stay permanently in my mind, body and soul in California with my new husband, life did continue on... To say I am happy with my life would be a huge understatement. We have settled into married life with a comforting bliss. As I write this minute, my cute husband left to take Ethan baseball shopping (for an athletic cup mind you) and then a trip to the batting cages. The feeling of completeness is all around. I love having a spouse to complete our family, a strong male to lead up the charges is a wonderful blessing! So this afternoon I am left with Jack and Isabelle tucked in front of a movie. What? I actually have time to sit and catch up on one of my favorite activities, working on my blog! I don't know if it is the sense of staying connected with friends or the feeling of keeping an activities dairy that feels fun. There is definitely something about keeping a blog is satisfying and I have missed it. So here I go, I'll catch you up. Now that the wedding and reception (which was wonderful, I will get to sharing about this great day latter)  are over it really is time for fun and games and I am enjoying every minute! 

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Shawn,Simone, Christian, Nolan and Ethan said...

I'm glad you had some time to blog again(even with some of my kiddos there), I enjoyed reading it all. But what really makes me so happy is the reason that you had some time for yourself: A HUSBAND!! And a great one too!