Monday, June 16, 2008

First Father's Day...

We celebrated my cute husbands first fathers day at the Mariners game on Saturday night. I could not ask for more, Joe is an amazing dad. I feel so blessed that he is the one who will have such a contribution to our kids lives. He is teaching them a lot about all areas of life including baseball. Ethan's first ever game is tomorrow night. I for one and Ethan for two can't wait!  We desperately needed just the right person to teach these two little boys how to grow into godly young men. With their new dad they are definitely on the right track. When I arrived at baseball practice tonight after a work meeting I found Joe and Ethan playing catch and Isabelle sitting at Joe's feet. She has really attached and loves to spend time with her daddy. And check out the most perfect card EE and I found.... :) Happy Father's Day Baby!

We just happened to go on Dad's night, the first thing after we walked in the gate they handed Joe a Mariners Dad tee shirt... Coool.  Free stuff is always fun. It will be a fun way to remember his first big day. I'm pretty sure it won't be Joseph sporting the new flip flops from the wife! "they would be okay if it was not for that thing between my toes..." -Joe Mason

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Shelby said...

I love it! Congratulations Joe. Amy, only you would buy him flip-flops on Father's Day:)