Friday, June 26, 2009

My Bellie Girl: Done with Elementary

Left: First Day of Kindergarten
This is a big deal. I know it can be overkill to celebrate each grades graduation but Isabelle is officially finished with elementary school. And I am a wreck, my heart aches in this transition. I don't think she is ready. I know she is not ready. And there is not a clear direction for her schooling. I am torn. She does not fit in a special needs classroom, or "Life Skills" and she does not fit in a typical 6th grade class either. A deaf school... maybe but that is too far from our house. So please pray for me and for her. If it was not for Tam (the most amazing interpreter, teacher, and friend) I would not be considering public schools at all. 

These are her two sweet friends, Emma and Alyssa. She had lots of friends in the younger grades but these are the only two to have stuck by her. Amazing young ladies, with sweet compassionate hearts. 

The music blasts, the crowd builds outside waiting. And then it happens, the fifth graders file out with the biggest smiles I have ever seen. It was so fun to watch. E and Jack waiting to cheer Bellie on... 
Isabelle will be missed by all the staff that got to work with her. She has that effect on ya! 

Bellie with Tam... together since kindergarten! First day of 5th grade
First day of 2nd grade


Anonymous said...

The picture of Belle with Tam is precious. You have to frame it for both of them! Too cute. You can tell that they both adore each other. She doesn't smile like that with just anyone :o). Awesome. Congrats Bellie!!

Love, Auntie

Anonymous said...

Good job Isabelle! You have passed elementary and are on to middle school. It's tough but don't worry the teachers are nice and the school lunches rock! Plus you get to chew gum in class!!!

Your friend, Caleb

Milliren 5 said...

I really can't believe that Isabelle is moving on to middle school. Wow, where does the time go? I imagine that the transition feels overwhelming. Let me know if you need any resources. Here's a thought: If Isabelle were to go to the DHH program in Anacortes, she would be at the elementary school with Marissa for 6th grade. It would be buying one more year before the jump to middle school. And, it would give you the year to consider other possibilities for middle school. Just a thought!