Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jack, Joe and a Cheese Grater

A couple of weeks ago while making dinner Joe grated a huge chunk of his thumb right off.  Bleeding and bad while grating cheese. You need that knowledge for the rest of the story:

Yesterday Ethan found the case to his beloved pocket knife, you know... the one he about cut his finger off with. 
So he asked Joe: "When can I have my pocket knife back" 
Jack interrupted: "When can I have a pocket knife?"
Joe: "Jack your not old enough, you need to be more responsible before you can have a pocket knife. 
Jack (in all seriousness): "Well your too young for a cheese grater"

Bring on the guns... does this make us bad parents? 
Again, poor little brother. Too young for a bb gun. 


Milliren 5 said...


Hmm, we seem to be having similar conversations around here too. Bray really wants to use his dad's bb gun. THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR HIM! Does this make me a bad mom? I fear. . .

Hang in there with your warriors!

Buhler family said...

Monte Swan, Jon Rosemmond, James Dobson, Rick Johnson, John Eldredge (among others), all back you up. Better to direct (and supervise) their agressive competitive side into some good "boys activities". They are going to find an outlet anyways. Airsoft guns, midnight fishing, whittling, fort builduing ... all good healthy alternatives