Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just Slashin'

I posted a couple back that we were cutting and slashing- Now we are just slashing. 

                                  EE vs. Pocket Knife = trip to doc for stitches   

Remarkably our first time. 

Dr. Herdman was out so we got this completely lovely person, does anyone know her name? She was amazing. 
When the doctor attempted to give the shot in the cut to numb it, E freaked out... I looked over and the other nurse was holding Isabelle- she was sobbing. Not the nurse, but Bellie. Her little compassionate heart could not take it. She was better once I let her stand by his side. So cute. 
All better. 
"Mom, I think I'm going to live!" It was nice when he got his smile back... 

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Shelby said...

That's my PA, Marianne McElroy! She's amazing isn't she?!