Sunday, February 01, 2009

From Joe's Sister Sonja, Thanks for praying...

Rejoice, Rejoice and again I say Rejoice!

Matt 8:13

And Jesus said unto the centurion, Go thy way and as thou hast believed
so be it done unto thee and his servant was healed in the same hour.

Psalm 30:2

O Lord My God, I cried unto thee and thou hast healed me!

Please rejoice with us and give God the PRAISE & GLORY he is so due!

My mom had an appointment at the hospital yesterday morning 7am for
a PET scan where they put radioactive die into her veins and performed a full body scan. We we're not aware that a lung cancer diagnosis usually means cancer in the heart, brain, liver and lungs. If the procedure was HOT it meant cancer - if cold it meant NO cancer.

We didn't expect the results until Feb 9th-

She had an appointment with her internist at 3:30 yesterday afternoon to
listen to hear lungs for congestion.

The front desk nurse went on line to check the PET Scan results and her long time Doctor who had actually given her the initial diagnosis was able to deliver the PET results. Per her Doctor- 9 out of 10 patients receive positive results.

1.7% COLD which = 100% healed in the name of JESUS... NO CANCER!

She cried with JOY!

Jesus... The name above all names he is glorious and to be praised.. forever and ever AMEN!

Thank you for your prayers and JESUS thank you for the answers!

Terry, Sonja and Justin Stevenson


Heather M said...

God is SOOOOOO good! Praise His Name Forever!

sarah and the troops said...

Praise God!!! Such great news for you!!
The Wegs