Sunday, February 22, 2009

That's the way God works.

We are on the move again... To cut back on expenses we are moving on Saturday. Joe and I looked at several houses and I was well... depressed. I love our home and the ones that were in our price range were small with nothing special.  I was in tears. That night we involved God. "God where to you want us?" In Bellingham, out of town, please open up doors where you want us to go!   Then we looked again at what was available in the kids school district deciding it was best for all of us to try and stay in Bellingham. And as God would have it there was a charming "Lake House" right on the bank of Lake Louise available March 1st. God is awesome. The boys can walk right out the back door and fish. I can sit on the deck and listen to the ducks and frogs. Ohh how I have missed the croaking. What we are going to sacrifice in size we will gain in beauty.   Here is my plea: If anyone is available to help us move on Saturday we would be forever indebted to you!!!! We don't have a lot of help lined up and it would be such a blessing to have a few extra hands. We are going to have everything boxed up so the plan is to "simply" pick them up drive them over the the new house and set them down. We have a couple of tricky things like the rabbit hutch and a heavy dresser. The rest of the stuff should be fairly easy. :) Let me know if you could help, we will provide the pizza, candy, and I am certainly taking requests just to get you over here! Don't plan on spending the day here by any means, even an hour would be so helpful! 


Milliren 5 said...

Oh Amy! I wish that we could offer you our help. Bryan and the kids are heading to Tacoma for a mini family reunion with his California cousins. I am staying in town to set up for a huge charity auction for my sponsoring agency. Good luck! I am so sorry that you have to move. I hope it is temporary. And, that Joe can find a job. Praying for you.

Buhler family said...

I can´t believe that the boys will not be able to walk over anymore. Actually, it will be a longer walk, right? I´m so glad God provided a little place for you, and with Lake Louise in the backyard!! How perfect! You will never be able to get E inside! I´ll let Shawn know that you are moving, and if he is not at work, he will be glad to help.