Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cuttin' and Slashin'

Cut that, scrap that, is the way it goes around our house. If we don't need it and it costs money... It's out. That is the way it went this week with our home phone and extended cable package. Good bye Food Network and Cartoon Network, it's been fun.  SSoooo... if you have reached frustration wondering why you can't get through, that my friends is the reason. So Please, for any reason at all or just to Say Hello, by all means call me on my cell phone. I hesitate to post that number because you never know what crazy folk there are out there on the good ol' world wide web. If you want or need my cell number just send an email and I will get it to you!
Because I don't have a cute or clever picture of the phone being disconnected by Comcast guy with the butt crack,  here is a cute of one yip and yap, 3 and 5.  For fun and cheap entertainment I am constructing a photo book from My Publisher, one book for every year. I am back to 2005. What memories I have come across! This was a couple of months after we moved into the cabin in the woods on our own. Wow, they were little.


Steph :o) said...

COuld you please email your mailing address to me? :o)

Alliwoo said...

I just cut and slashed our DishNetwork monthly bill down to $30 a month! My kids were sad that they lost all their favorite channels, but the only reason I didn't disconnect completely... we are in a contract. Plus, its helped us watch WAY less TV.