Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Send Off and Field Day

I am not making dinner, balancing the checkbook, working, editing photos for clients, I'm not even watching the boys playing outside! I am blogging! For some silly reason I get annoyed if I 'miss' an event. Why? No one even cares, no one notices but me! I feel my life is more 'caught up' if my blog is updated. I have lost my cotton-picking mind.  I've officially lost it I guess, that and grandma loves the pics. 

I'll tell you one thing I know for sure: It is no easy feat to wrap up the school year with three kids. Summer send off party, 3rd grade poetry night, Field Day, 5th grade talent show, 5th grade graduation. By the end of this week I was even more exhausted than I am typically. But I loved every minute of it. 

The famous chicken toss

Followed by the ever popular three legged race
The best teacher on the planet, Mrs. Ritchie. She had E for 2nd and 3rd grade. I am praying Jack will be blessed to have her next year... or Mrs. Batten (see below :)
Fun with Friends
The other best teacher on the planet. Jack's first grade teacher, Mrs. Batten. She is also teaching 2nd grade next year. Either way Jack will have the most amazing 2nd grade experience. 
Jack and Jett
The hole in the bottom of the cup race
This warmed my heart, Isabelle doing a hip hop dance with her classmates
The obstacle course at Field Day. Needing a bit of encouragement from Tam and a sweet mom.
Ring toss, can you believe the work that went into this event? Geneva PTA rocks! 
I looked like this too when it was all said and done!

I'm doing little miss graduating from elementary school next, boo hoo. 
But first I must go check on my children!  

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