Friday, September 05, 2008

Does anyone have a METAL DETECTOR?

Can anyone help us? Joe lost his wedding ring while fishing with Ethan. He put some sort of magic fish-catching oil on the bait... ahh duhhh. His fingers were slippery and the ring fell off. We know the area it fell, we are just looking for a metal detector to go over the tall grass. Talk about a needle in a hay stack!  If any of you fine people have one or know someone who does we would love to borrow it...  Thanks Friends! 


Steph :o) said...

OH NO!! That is a real tragedy!! I don't know if this will help, but Jay has a little National Geographic toy metal detector. We hide pennies in the grass and find them. I imagine it could find a wedding ring?! You're welcome to use it, of course, because it's certainly worth a shot!

shawn said...

Oh no! Hope you guys find it!

anjie said...

That's why my husband wears a sterling knock-off from vendors row. :)

Good luck, sister.