Monday, September 29, 2008

Fish On!

Well we did it, we successfully had eight boys with fishing poles going at the same time! To my relief everyone got to catch a few fish and I think we all had a great time!
Lots of cute pictures of lots of cute boys: click here

Lots of fascination and curiosity! 

My Hero, making the whole take a gaggle of boys fishing outing work!  I think he 'hooked' more worms than I could even count! One of the many reasons I married him... :)

Nolan was so sweet, he was the last one to catch a fish but after he caught one, he was on a roll! 

A little spaghetti under the moon light. 
Okay... Try and find swedish fish under a sheet of whipped cream and this is what you get...

And then bobbing for apples to wash off the mess... :) 

Okay... Caden Mee is the best apple bobber I have ever seen. If I had it on video I would be rich. So if you even have an apple bobbing contest count this kid in! 

Thanks for the fun party guys, you were each a pleasure to have at our home!

Notice there are no pics of the sleepover it self, by this time I was searching for my bed not the camera!

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shawn said...

Pretty much you are the coolest mom. EVER!