Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Son...

Is it going to be a shock every year our children grow another year? Nine, I can't believe it. I remember just bringing him home from the hospital but at the same time it seems that was a whole different life ago. We started the day with tradition... a treat, candle and mom's lame singing happy birthday all by ourselves. I love that quiet moment alone we have shared on the morning of September 22nd for the last nine years. 

Hummmm... what do you think it could be? 

A fishing pole of coarse! What else!? A really nice one by the way. You know when your son's dream is to join the pro bass tour he is into it! 

Thanks be to my Husband for wanting to take on this!!! A sleep over on this Saturday night with nine or so boys, I'm scared... 

Finishing up the 'real' day with a Birthday dinner out, totally fun. Even under the circumstances that our restaurant choice had to include a T.V. for the Chargers debut on Monday night football. And they won, yea! 

Happy with a minnow bucket, I love it! 

Happy Birthday EE


Buhler family said...

Happy Birthday Big Ethan. Nolan can't wait to come and clebrate with you. We are counting the days!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday EE!

I can't believe you are nine now! Wow! I was just looking at pictures in our photo album of your rubber duckie 1st that was a long time ago!

I hope you have an awesome time at your fishing party!

Love, Auntie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ethan from us to you bud! Sorry we missed it... I must have known deep in my heart that someone was about to celebrate. I tried to send an email to ask for all birth dates and my computer froze up... We hope and Pray that it was a wonderful birthday!! With Love, Terry Sonja and Justin